--- Screening --- Un-Radical ------------- Voices from Israel and Palestine ---

----- reacting to the current political crisis in GAZA  ------------ the GREY ROOM STUDIO  screens un-radical voices, that is - statements and information found on homepages of palestine and israel universities and tv-stations -----

----------------- next screening in December ----------------------------- 16 December ---- from 6 pm to 8 pm --------------

--- DANCING --- JAPANESE ------------------------------

---- proceeding from a simple phrase students have to learn during their first Japanese lesson ------ Iris Julian developed a choreographic sequence to memorize the stroke order of the Japanese hiragana writing system ------ moreover, a video was produced to provide an online-learning-lesson and a postcard containing the video's QR code -----

grey room studio

a non profit gallery - located in a viennese apartment - on the ground floor - opening itself to public space - exploring art in forms as minimal as they can be

dr. phil. iris julian, 2022